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Bass / Electric Bass Lessons
« Last post by mpraven on June 11, 2009, 04:10:13 AM »
Do you want to learn how to read music?
Do you want to learn music theory?
Do you just want to play better?
I can help!
Give me a call or drop me an email!
Mike Palma
518 377 7228

Guitar / Lead Guitarist Needed
« Last post by maplep7 on June 09, 2009, 01:35:54 PM »
We are currently seeking a lead guitarist for the band half/Life.  We play covers of primarily hard rock tunes, but we sometimes lean toward heavier stuff.  The band is made up of 1 ryth guitartist, drummer and a bassist/Lead vocalist.  Our previuos guitarist left on very good terms, just had to much on his plate.  We all have day jobs and are not trying to be rock stars, but sometimes its fun to pretend.  We practice once a week in Burnt hills area and would lik eto play out 2-3 times a month.  We currently have about 30+ songs and would very much like to have some input from the lead player as well.  As great as SRV, Clapton, BB King and all of the other phenominal blues players are, it is NOT the sound we are going for.  Oh and we are all in our 40's, Age isn't really that important to us, but we would prefer you're over 21.  Contact Me (Mike) maplep7@gmail.com or Mark (msharp@nycap.rr.com)  for a set list and or just to shoot the shit.
9pm - no cover charge
visit us on the web: www.thebestbetband.com
We love the people at Appletini's.
Show starts at 9pm. no cover charge.
Great rock n roll from classic to today, with some swing,country and blues thrown in.
Very funny skits with "kung fu fighting" and the band's version of the soggy bottom boys song "man of constant sorrow.
General Discussion, Rants and Raves / Re: We're back! Welcome everyone!
« Last post by drumzguy on June 07, 2009, 06:33:03 PM »
Awesome Mano! :thumbup:
General Discussion, Rants and Raves / We're back! Welcome everyone!
« Last post by SBadmin on June 06, 2009, 08:12:27 PM »
After a ridiculously long hiatus, SaratogaBands.com (not just for Saratoga, but for ALL of the Capital District) is back online with new software and new features. We've ditched the old clunky Search Engine / Link List that we used to have (in favor of the "Pimp Your Stuff" forum) and we've upgraded to better forum software.

We're back online for good now, and our goal is to provide the Upstate New York nightlife community and musicians with a priceless resource for:
- Exchanging information
- Gaining more exposure
- Finding bands, bandmates, venues, and other resources
- Chatting about local nightlife in general

Thank you for your patience while we were offline, a lot of things delayed the re-launch of this project and we're freakin' stoked to see it finally finished!

So welcome back everyone! Click Here to Register a Free Account and start posting!

Help Using This Board / How to contact SaratogaBands.com
« Last post by SBadmin on June 06, 2009, 07:34:49 PM »
The best way is to send me (SBadmin) a Private Message here on the board.  Don't know how to send a Private Message? Just click the little or icon under my SB avatar on the left of this post.

If you are unable to register or post you can submit an email for help at http://www.saratogabands.com/contact.html
Local Upstate New York residents can use this as a great place to buy / trade / sell everything from musical gear to whatever (as long as it's legal  ;) )!


1. You don't have to post your contact information publicly. Registered users can use the Private Message feature here to make contact.

2. It's OK to post links to your eBay auctions, Craig's List ads, etc.. to help draw local attention to items you have listed on those sites.
(Posting a link is simple - just paste the web address (URL) right into your post, and as long as it includes the http:// the board will auto-link it for you).

3. Try to be as descriptive as possible and at least let people know your conditions / price / approximate location (such as your city or town).

4. You can publicly rate your experience with other users here, AS LONG AS YOU DON'T DISCLOSE PRIVATE INFO ABOUT THE OTHER USER.


1. SaratogaBands.com and our staff do not get involved in sales/trades, and we are NOT responsible for any business dealings between users.

2. If you choose to post any personal contact information here on the board, rather than using the Private Message feature, we are not responsible for any contact you receive as a result of doing so.

3. In case you missed it, we're not responsible for anything related to your transactions, and as such we do not provide personal information of other users and we don't get involved.
We have to mix in some legal jargon while we try to get right to the point....


1. This site provides a FREE SERVICE to and for the public to use by choice, and as such we run it how we see fit. We have no obligation to anyone except for what is outlined in our Privacy Policy

2. Use of this forum to promote anything illegal, any type of harmful threats, or any type of abuse of the system will get you immediately banned from the server. In conjuction with our Privacy Policy we may be required by law to report incidents of abuse and threats and other bad stuff to law enforcement authorities.

3. Spam (commercial posts promoting irrelavent junk) will be deleted and the offending account will be banned from the server completely. The administrators of this site reserve the right to deem what is relevant and what is not, and what is junk / spam.

4. This site and message board is for LOCAL USERS in the SURROUNDING CAPITAL DISTRICT AREA OF UPSTATE NEW YORK. We reserve the right to remove any post that is NOT RELEVANT and to delete/ban NON-LOCAL users. The administrators of this site, again, reserve the sole right to deem what is relevant and/or appropriate.

5. Use of this system to attempt to promote unrelated products and services to our other users, or to attempt to obtain their information, and/or directly contact any user for any type of marketing purposes is strictly prohibited.

6. By visiting this site and/or registering an account here, you agree that your use of this site and any information that you provide is of your own will and your own responsibility, and you agree that this site and it's administrators and/or affiliates cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any information that you provide here nor anything that you experience as a result of using this free service.  

7. By visting this site and/or registering an account here, while we take every precaution possible to ensure that our data is secure, you agree that this site and it's proprietors and/or staff cannot be held liable for anything you experience as a result of using this service in the event that a problem occurs with our software, our database, our server, or our network and equipment.

In summary, this is just like every other web site on any other computer - abuse of the service is not tolerated, we make no express guarantees or warranties of any kind, and we will not be held responsible for anything that any use experiences as a result of participating in this free online community.
Your privacy is completely respected here at SB and we make every effort to keep your information private. But this, after all, the Internet and we're dealing with computers, so we need to have a policy in place that clearly defines OUR responsibility and YOUR responsibility.

Instead of legal mumbo jumbo, let's put this in straight-forward terms...


1. WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH ANYONE (unless we are asked to by law enforcement authorities)



4. OUR SYSTEM DOES COLLECT YOUR IP ADDRESS and DOES USE COOKIES to remember you here, in case we need to track abuse of the system, BUT, YOUR IP ADDRESS IS NOT MADE PUBLIC OR KNOWN TO ANYONE BUT SB ADMINS (unless we are asked to provide it to law enforcement authorities).

5. Althought WE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO KEEP THIS SITE SECURE, we WILL NOT be held responsible or liable for any damages or other negative repercussions IF by some chance a problem occurs with the forum software or the equipment it runs on.

6. We do send out an OCCASIONAL (NOT OFTEN) EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT TO OUR MEMBERS, but only when it pertains DIRECTLY to your use of this site and our operations.

7. OUR SYSTEM GIVES YOU THE OPTION TO COMPLETELY HIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and YOU CAN USE NICKNAMES on this board. In other words, IF YOU CHOOSE TO POST PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF, THAT IS YOUR CHOICE. We will assume NO responsibility for any information you choose to share on this site.

8. WE PROVIDE YOU WITH THE ABILITY TO USE AN ANONYMOUS PERSONA, AND YOU CAN USE OUR PRIVATE MESSAGING SYSTEM TO CORRESPOND WITH OTHER USERS. You do not have to post your email address or phone number or other personally identifying information in public view on this site. That would be YOUR choice.


1. When you register an account here, YOU ARE PRESENTED WITH THE CHOICE TO HIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS and the CHOICE TO USE A FAKE NAME / NICKNAME. If you make your email address or any other personally identifiable information available in your PUBLIC PROFILE or in your POSTS, that is your own choice and we will not be held liable for anything you experience by doing so.

2. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to provide ANY information about yourself to the public user community on this board. This is YOUR CHOICE, and again we will not be held responsible or liable in any way for anything that you choose to post or share on this forum.

3. We encourage you to use an assumed identity for your username / nickname on this board. We encourage you to use the option to hide your email address in your Profile. We encourage you to use the Private Message system built into this board for correspondence with other users.

So in other words - this board software gives you the ability to remain anonymous and keep your personal information private. If you choose otherwise, that is your choice.

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