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Community Cafe Music Hour - 101.7 - Local. Original Music. YOU?

Started by Community Cafe, June 11, 2009, 03:54:57 PM

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Community Cafe

ALL Original Music Signer-Songwriters and Bands from Albany to the Adirondacks may submit their CDs for consideration ... FREE (well, you gotta buy stamps)
ALL musical styles!!! The Show is EVERY Sunday at 9AM, rebroadcast at 10PM, on Q 101.7FM. Over 1 million potential listeners of YOUR music.
The show is One hour long, Commercial free & packed full of Music. A "Featured Artist show" the 1st Sunday of each month & back to back songs by various Artists the remaining Sundays.
All Local. All Original. All the time.


You should definitely post this in the Pimp Your Stuff forum too!  :thumbup:

Community Cafe

Will do. Thanks for getting the site back up & for the notice.