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Author Topic: Affordable Saratoga "Plug-in & Play" Rehearsal Spaces ($15-20 p/hr)  (Read 2984 times)

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"Plug-In & Play" - High quality rehearsal and artist studios in Saratoga Springs at affordable low hourly rates.

 Band Rehearsal Rooms (2hr min): $20 p/hr

 Drummer Rehearsal Room (1hr min): $15 p/hr.

 Soloist/Instructor Rehearsal Room (1hr min): $15 p/hr.

 Photography Studio (2hr min): $20 p/hr for first 2hrs. $15 p/hr for each consecutive additional hour.

Fully-Equipped Band Rehearsal Rooms ("Plug-In & Play"): Fully equipped high quality rehearsal room loaded with the finest music equipment: guitar amps, bass amps, drums, keyboards, sound system and baby grand piano. You spend your rehearsal time playing music, not moving or setting up equipment... just bring your guitars (drummers bring sticks & cymbals*) and "Plug-In & Play". We provide a superb studio space where every client can experience amazing sound and music in a relaxed, comfortable, easy-going and friendly setting that promotes artistic creativity and expression.

Drummer Rehearsal Room: Drummer's room is private and comes equipped with a standard 5 piece drum kit (includes: drums, snare, stands, pedals, hi-hat, and throne). Practice your drumming and chops to any pre-recorded songs or click-track you wish bring along with you. All you need to bring are your sticks and cymbals*!

*If needed, we can provide cymbals for drummers at an additional cost of $5 p/hr.

Photography Studio Rental: Backdrop background support stand for muslins scenic backdrops and chromakey green/blue screens (10ft W x 9ft H). Also included are seamless background papers (9ft wide x 12 yards long) Colors: Black & Super White.

In addition to fully-equipped and affordable hourly rehearsal & photography studio room rentals, we provide hourly instrument rentals such as: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 7-string electric guitar, 4-string bass, 5-string bass, fretless bass, theremin, sitar, dilruba, lap steel, congas, accordion and keyboard (more instruments will be available soon!) ...as well as basic instrument and equipment accessories for sale as customers will inevitably encounter unforeseen circumstances such as strings or drumsticks breaking, batteries dying, guitar picks being lost or forgotten, rosin running out, cables shorting out, and last, but not least: the sudden need for snacks and refreshments! Also, free earplugs are available upon request. Finally, a community bulletin board will be available for all clients to advertise upcoming events and performances as well as post classified ads.

Visit us at: http//:www.facebook.com/saratogaspaces

**Studio Hourly Rentals are by Appointment Only**
Inquiries and bookings:
saratogaspaces@gmail.com or 917-648-9007
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